These Models Can Be Used With Different Tank Sizes

IBC Tote Mixers come in various sizes and designs, and can be used for a variety of tasks. They are powered by a sturdy air or pneumatic motor that is capable of mixing various materials. They can also be used to mix materials of different viscosities. Some models also come with a fork lift option.

These units have a lightweight stainless steel support bridge that attaches to the IBC frame with quick-action toggle clamps. They also have a lifting strapas well as forklift brackets. In addition, electric mixers have a safety interlock switch as well as overload protection prewired.

The Pulsair IBC Tote Mixers can handle a variety of liquids. This versatile unit can mix regular poly IBCs and plastic-lined totes. Its Statflo(tm) design allows for the most efficient mixing of materials. They can be used in a variety of applications that include food processing.

Pulsair Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial IBC tote mixers. Its Even Mix technology provides a safe, streamlined and efficient mixing system for chemical products inside IBC totes. It’s also durable which makes it suitable for chemical applications, water treatment, blending and many other uses.

FluidPro’s Even Mixes can be employed in a variety applications and are cost-effective. They are ideal for mixing liquids as well as water treatment and fertiliser applications. They come with a stainless-steel bridge as well as a heavy-duty nosecone assembly to avoid spills and mess. They have a 3m lead and plug, and are available with a range of capacities.

These are an economical alternative to 55-gallon drums. They are safer to handle, and are more sustainable for the environment. IBCs are also available in poly-composite tanks. These are great for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of IBCs but without the upfront cost. They don’t require testing or cleaning and can save a great deal of money.

There are also portable agitators. While the majority of portable agitators use a cage made of metal to support them, a few are also designed for use with IBC totes. This makes them easier to transport when the containers are full. There are also tilted and top entry models.

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