Steel Trays Queensland Choosing Steel Or Aluminium Uute Trays

The first step in choosing a tray is to decide whether you’d like a aluminum or steel one. The next step is to decide on the type of load you are going to carry around.

For instance, if have to transport wheeled equipment onto your customized tray, you should think about the possibility of having the drop-sides removed to be used as ramps. Aluminium reinforced could be sufficient but you might require the more rigidity and strength of Steel Trays Queensland.


Steel trays are less likely to corrode than an aluminium ute tray, unless it’s a trader tray that’s been poorly maintained. The construction of a steel tray is thicker than an aluminium model that is constructed from lighter sheet metal. Steel trays are more durable, particularly when you are hauling heavy equipment and stones with angular shapes.

The greater thickness of a steel ute tray can make it heavier. This increases the kerb weight of your vehicle, which can affect the efficiency of your fuel and mechanical wear.

This increased weight can also negatively impact your load capability It’s crucial to weigh up the pros and cons prior to making an important decision. Painting or coating with powder can also help protect trays from corrosion. However, these measures aren’t 100% secure. Even the tiniest chip or scratch can trigger the corrosion process. This is the reason it’s essential to think about how your ute tray will be maintained before selecting the material for your purchase.

Strengthening Your Body

A ute tray is like an Swiss Army Knife in your back pocket. Tradies farmers, farmers and anyone who loves a bit of rough-and-tumble outdoors will appreciate the convenience and utility the ute-tray provides.

But, choosing the best tray is a matter of sensitivity to your individual requirements and the purpose for which you are using it. Aluminium trays are more compact and lighter than steel trays. They also resist corrosion better. They are also great for light hauling and can be customized with a variety of options.

Steel trays, on the other hand are stronger and more durable than aluminium. They are four times stronger. If you have to work with heavy loads or in harsh conditions, steel trays are a better choice. They’re also less likely scratch than aluminum units. The weightier units can affect fuel efficiency and load capacity. This is especially true for the cab chassis cars with leaf spring rear suspensions that are designed to handle heavy loads. This can affect the quality of the ride when driving on bumps larger than pebbles.


There are numerous options to choose from, whether you’re an tradesperson or simply looking to improve the tub of your ute. These trays can be made of steel or aluminum, each with their own set of pros and cons. Aluminium tray are lighter and more flexible, and also have more resistance to rust.

The weight of a tray made of steel can be a problem particularly for cab-chassis cars that are often driven unladen or with a light load. The rear suspensions that are made of leaf springs on these vehicles are stiff when there is no load on them. This could cause the tray, which has leaf springs to hit you in the face when you go over a bump bigger than pebbles. A heavy steel tray can provide enough spring force to compress the rear springs. This can improve the ride even when the tray is empty.

The size of the ute tray is crucial especially if you are required to transport long pieces of equipment or machinery. It is also useful when you intend to use your tray to transport an hydraulic tipper or small crane.


Steel Trays Queensland’s aluminium tray is known for their resistance to corrosion. They are resistant to corrosion because they are primarily made from bauxite, not iron and carbon alloys such as mild steel. This makes them perfect for coastal environments where exposure to sea and saltwater air won’t cause corrosion.

In contrast to steel, which is notorious for rusting up after just a few minutes of exposure to the outdoors aluminum trays are able to be protected from corrosion through hot-dip galvanising or powder coating. However, even the tiniest scratch or chip may start the rusting process.

The extra weight of a steel tray can also be useful particularly for cab-chassis vehicles often driven unladen or with light loads. The rear suspensions made of leaf springs on these vehicles can be so stiff that they punch you in the face every time you go over a speed bump or a pebble. The installation of a steel tray can help compress the rear springs to improve ride quality even when empty.

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