Hiring A Title IX Lawyer

Attorneys Title IX

Title IX laws protect college and university students. The laws prohibit discrimination due to gender in educational programs that receive federal funds. Schools that violate these protections could be held accountable for damages, including tuition refunds and monetary awards.

The law applies to private and public schools, including universities, colleges community colleges, as well as vocational/technical schools. The Act also covers faculty, administrators, and employees.

Title IX protects student rights and gives them the right to a fair investigation. It allows students to file an action. This is a way to investigate and defend against sexual harassment or other forms of discrimination.

A lawyer can guide you through the entire process, from investigating your claims to taking your case to court. A qualified lawyer will make sure your due process rights are protected and will ensure that your school follows the proper procedures for investigations and hearings under Title IX.

Due to the complex nature of school disciplinary matters, it is important to hire an experienced, nationally-recognized defense attorney who is familiar with the laws surrounding these proceedings. Our lawyers will work hard to ensure that your rights are respected and you are given the chance to tell your perspective.

Our attorneys have experience fighting allegations of sexual harassment, assault and discrimination at various institutions across the United States. Our clients include graduate and undergraduate postdoctoral fellows, students coaches, teaching assistants, and faculty at top-ranked universities.

We have been involved in numerous hearings and investigations involving various complaints, including verbal and physical harassment. We have successfully defended a number of students accused of such crimes as well as assisting them in obtaining findings in their favor , or reduced punishments.

Investigative Procedures

Schools and programs are required to follow Title IX Lawyer Alexandria procedures to investigate discrimination. This includes a thorough investigation that examines the evidence to support a claim. This should include an investigation team comprised of at least one member on each campus, a designated Title IX coordinator, and investigators trained in how to conduct an investigation.

The investigation should not take less than 60 days. It could take longer if the complaint has more complexity. It is recommended to consult with your school about what the timeframe for the investigation will be and what it means for you before you begin to discuss your complaint with an investigator on the team.

Selecting the right witnesses

It is important that you select witnesses who are able to support your claim. The witnesses should be those who are knowledgeable about the incident in question, not just people who were there when it occurred. It is also an excellent idea to select impartial witnesses, since they can help strengthen your case.

Cross-examination can be a powerful method to determine credibility of witnesses. It is a legal procedure that both the complainant as as any other witness can utilize during the hearing.

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