Benefits Of Solar Energy

Solas Energy Consulting provides solutions and guidance to businesses seeking to reduce their environmental footprint and increase their sustainability. Its services include renewable energy project development and management, as well as climate change policy analysis and strategy services. Since the 1990s Solas has been involved in renewable energy projects. Solas has a team that includes industry experts and consultants. They are committed to providing trusted and expert advice at every stage of a project’s life cycle.

Solas provides a range of services, including site evaluation as well as construction monitoring and site pre-selection. It also provides environmental compliance engineering procurement, construction (EPC), contracting and strategic planning. Its expertise includes battery energy storage systems and hydrogen energy options. In addition to these services, Solas also works with electric vehicle infrastructure. Currently, the company provides technical support and project management to the Edwards & Sanborn Solar and Energy Storage Project in California. The project will generate clean energy for more than 158,000 homes and will displace 307,000 tons of CO2 annually.

Solas has vast experience in the climate change and energy sector, having worked on many projects across the United States as well as Canada. They have worked on a 2 GW wind farm in Missouri that required extensive health and safety procedures. Additionally, the company was instrumental in the development of glare regulations for solar panels near airports.

Solas Energy recently announced that it would expand its offerings to the energy storage industry. Currently, the company offers services to utility scale owners investors, investors, and Canadian municipalities. However, it is planning to provide its services to offshore and island grids too.

Solas is a leading provider of renewable energy and climate change solutions, Solas has a rich background in analyzing the electricity market in Alberta. It has provided valuable insights into the state of Alberta’s solar energy sector and has helped fill a critical gap for the development and expansion of the province’s renewable energy market.

Among the company’s recent projects, Solas has provided technical review of contracts and construction management for the Edwards & Sanborn project. In addition, it created an assessment model for solar performance , which was then used to evaluate the City of Calgary’s residential solar development program. The city was able, making use of Solas model, to design a tool that would aid in educating the community about the benefits of solar power. The tool is now available to the public on the city’s website.

Solas has also worked with Morgan Solar, the owner of the Alberta Solar One project. On this project, Solas helped manage the project from conception through the development phase and its the project’s completion. They were responsible for the project’s due diligence and analysis of resources, economic modeling as well as permit and regulatory compliance.

Felipe Uscategui will manage Solas’ US operations. He has been an ex-executive in the energy industry with decades of experience. He will oversee the US operations, while working with the other members of the team to assist the company’s Canadian and other international customers.

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